Mattel Indonesia

Mattel wanted to showcase the new die-cast manufacturing plant being opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. The goal was not only to document the new Hot Wheels plant but to show how Mattel is making an impact within the local Indonesian community.

My role: Project Lead + Senior Producer

To get a small video crew together to travel to Indonesia. I handled everything from writing storyboards, communications between LA and Jakarta teams, booking travel accommodations, making sure team stayed on schedule everyday, and working with local authorities when filming off Mattel properties. And most important, made sure the crew was safe and enjoyed being there.



Mattel is not only making an impact on children’s lives but they also make a difference in local communities. “We are MIDC” shows us how just a toy can change so many lives.

The locals

The locals

I was very grateful to be a part of this project. Meeting all the wonderful people of Indonesia is something I will never forget. Every person we came in contact with was very respectful and open to the whole crew. From working with the local authorities, to local vendors, interacting with the community as a whole was a great experience.

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